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Big Mama G
20 May 2011 @ 09:01 pm
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Big Mama G
13 May 2011 @ 08:46 am
Once more I apologize for not checking my flist properly or posting on here much. I've only had the energy to update tumblr, since I can just go, "ate a piece of pie" and that's an entire post.

I think I'm going to download and watch the Smallville finale tonight. Why? Lex Luthor. You may think this strange since I stopped watching after season 5 and he was there until season 7, but I figure hey, it's the series finale and it might be kind of fun watching when I don't know what the fuck is going on plot-wise. Maybe I can hope for some intense eyesex since it's been so long without those two sharing screen time.

I want to go on a Due South kick, mostly because I want new fic but I have no idea what's good. Recent F/K fic, anyone? I guess I can troll delicious tags too. I so want to do another fanvid, but dear god, I have zero motivation for fanvids lately and I still want to do one for The Eagle.

I just went off of a Harry Potter kick (well, H/D kick since that was my OTP), though I'm still thinking about re-reading a couple of more good ones. I think I'm almost ready to watch the seventh movie, though I think I'll wait until just after the second part comes out. I haven't seen it yet because the sixth movie wasn't that great and as the seventh book took me out of fandom in the first place, I'm not having high hopes for it. God, when will writers finally get that they should leave their stuff open-ended? Now that we know how pairings go nineteen years into the future, it's hard to ship anything else without breaking up families and I'm just not the kind of person who can ignore canon in favor of fanon like that. Even Star Trek suffers from this because THEY KILL KIRK. Just, damn you, Generations! There could have been so much old men fic. Luckily for you alternate universes are very much canon or we'd be having it out. Even Due South is guilty of this because if you ship anything other than Fraser/Kowalski, it tells the future of everyone else. No het marriage, no talk of future plans, just end on a high note and try not to pair anyone together so we can run with fanfic.
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Big Mama G
07 May 2011 @ 03:52 pm
The short reaction?

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Big Mama G
27 April 2011 @ 04:33 pm
lama_mama just informed me via tumblr that Manu Intiraymi, the guy who played Icheb on Star Trek Voyager and was the subject of my Icheb/Q Junior Teenage Dream fanvid, has posted my vid on his facebook and when someone put a frowny face, he said this:


Edit: Someone pointed out lamama's tumblr. THE FOURTH WALL HAS GONE THE WAY OF THE BERLIN WALL.

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Big Mama G
19 April 2011 @ 10:25 pm
Watched The Eagle that was recced to me by sineala, and FUCKING SHIT WAS THAT GAY. It's funny because it's totally a movie I'd see once and would be just okay with, but the slash saves it and it's great because I'm willing to bet that the fanfiction is phenomenal because canon gives you just enough to take and run with it. I've only read one fic so far, mostly because I've spent the week helping my sister move and stuff, but I can tell when I have spare time, IT IS ON.

This pimp post is going to be light because this post has done most of the work for me and it's very funny and accurate. I'm simply here to squee all over you and provide a download. Aren't I handy? (btw, most of the images are from tumblr, just search 'the eagle' tag and you'll see sources.)


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Big Mama G
16 April 2011 @ 06:04 pm
A good episode, FINALLY. And here I thought this one was gonna suck ass.

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Big Mama G
14 April 2011 @ 09:05 pm
I've been thinking about doing a list of my favorite slash scenes from any fandom I've even dabbled in because dear lord have I seen amazingly gay things that have tried to pass as straight. I think it's fun sharing those with people, especially since my entire flist is made of slashers (kind of has to be, because I don't know what I'd do with a purely het shipper. Stare at them and drum my fingers on my desk, trying to come up with some kind of fannish conversation?)

Some of the things I'll be including are of course from my major fandoms (and fml, how I'm supposed to choose just one scene from the whole of Star Trek is going to tear me apart. I just want to shout THE WHOLE DAMN THING. ALL OF IT. GAYEST GAY TO EVER GAY) but then I've seen parts from other shows I've either watched only a bit of or have never watched a lot of it. Take, for example, my love of Peter/Sylar when I've watched two seasons plus the last two episodes of S4, simply because of how damn homoerotic they are. I didn't even ship it until I gave in and watched those episodes. And, even if it technically doesn't count because it is text and not subtext, I adore the Jack/Jack scene from that Torchwood episode where they dance and kiss. I'd watch more because I'm intrigued by Jack/Ianto, but I'm sort of not wanting to go into a show knowing that one of the main characters will die, plus I barely like Doctor Who, so yeah.

Then I started thinking, hell, why not ask you all what are the gayest things you've ever seen? It would help if you happen to have a youtube clip of the scene or give me some kind of background on it if I'm not in the fandom, but come on, share some slash with me. Hell, maybe it'll be my next favorite scene or you can remind me of something I've forgotten.
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Big Mama G
Title: Follow the Leader (2/6)
Author: bigmamag 
Universe: Reboot AU
Pairing: Kirk/Spock preslash
Rating: PG-13
Relationship status: preslash
Word count: 3200/7770
Genre: Drama
Tropes: au counterparts, destiny, friendship
Warnings: spoilers for the fic Refractions
Summary: After the events of Refractions, life is forever changed for one of the universes. Director Spock returns to Vulcan, but finds that his ordered and predictable life is no longer satisfactory. Captain Kirk is faced with the harsh realities of a potential Romulan war and the loneliness of command.
Note: Hey there now, there's no more question mark as to how many parts there will be! I feel all accomplished or something. Beta by the lovely bostongirl2003 who has made this part make a little more sense.

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Big Mama G
07 April 2011 @ 06:37 pm

They actually managed to make that stupid song 'Friday' sound epic.

I had another fandom dream last night, this time Supernatural-themed, which makes sense given all the talk I've been doing on here of it and the fact that I watched the Pilot/Wendigo before going to sleep (btw, is it sad that I kept hoping Callum Keith Rennie nature guide would live even though I know he dies? Sorry, but it's RAY KOWALSKI, I'M WEAK.)

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Big Mama G
05 April 2011 @ 07:45 pm
I've been putting off posting this because really when I got toward the end of the list, the latter three seasons of Supernatural started to look less horrible, but then I decided to post anyway because, damn it, I spent a long while thinking up and writing this down. I guess, depending on its reception, we'll see how smart a decision that was.

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Big Mama G
01 April 2011 @ 08:54 am

All spoilers were found here and on the Glee wikipedia page, so here's a bullet list of the awesome without full quotes:

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Big Mama G
Title: Follow the Leader (1/7)
Author: bigmamag
Universe: Reboot AU
Pairing: Kirk/Spock preslash
Rating: PG-13
Relationship status: preslash
Word count: 4700/~
Genre: Drama
Tropes: au counterparts, destiny, friendship
Warnings: spoilers for the fic Refractions
Summary: After the events of Refractions, life is forever changed for one of the universes. Director Spock returns to Vulcan, but finds that his ordered and predictable life is no longer satisfactory. Captain Kirk is faced with the harsh realities of a potential Romulan war and the loneliness of command.
Note: First and foremost, this fic will make little sense if you haven't read Refractions because it's set in an alternate universe right after the events of the story. That said, holy hell has this has taken a long time to get out and yet, it's a dreaded wip. My first, in fact. I think it took so long because of my own anxiety and the fact that a lot of people were looking forward to it and I didn't want to disappoint them. I have an ending in mind and some other scenes written, so even if I fail hard and don't finish, I'll at least be able to prostrate myself before you in apology and give away the ending. Thanks to cicero_drayon, this is much more concise and not boring, and special thanks to bostongirl2003 for the final beta.

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Big Mama G
27 March 2011 @ 08:58 pm
My dearest beta cicero_drayon is busy with school (I think she said she was taking 19 hours? Something in that huge ass range?) so I need a beta, a special beta because I need someone who

a.) has read Refractions
b.) will be able to beta more than just this part, as it's a WIP
c.) can return the first part to me in a couple of days, a week tops

Otherwise I'll just wait longer for cicero_drayon. Grammar isn't a huge deal outside of typos and the like, feedback is important, especially as I'm unstable as fuck in regard to this story. If you're the kind of person who likes to ramble and discuss plot points, all the better.
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Big Mama G
20 March 2011 @ 07:44 pm
What do you do when a mind meld gave you feelings and in this universe you can't have that person? Cue the Kirk angst, of course! I seriously just wanted an entire fanmix devoted to Kirk pining for Spock in a big way, thus this was born. I like to think that my photoshop skills are all right, but all I can say for sure is that they're getting better, so I suppose that's something. Also, this is all technically one-sided, but I believe that as much as I believe that Kirk and Spock are completely straight, so no worries on that front. Enjoy and wallow on the couch with Kirk, tissues, and a collection of chocolate that is sadly not being consumed by or smeared on a randy first officer.

The background texture comes from here

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Big Mama G

1. The way Spock tells Kirk that he must get off the bridge. He sounds like he's holding back a lot of worry.

2. The way Spock pulls Kirk into the lift. First, it's amusing how he just grabs Kirk's arm in such a no-nonsense manner. Then Kirk sort of takes over and they end up slamming into the thing and I'm always disappointed that they don't start making out right there because it's the perfect setup for some wall-slamming sex.

3. Shatner's. Acting. Haters gonna hate.

4. How Spock moves toward Kirk before Kirk pounces on him, obviously intending to physically comfort Kirk before being glomped.

5. Kirk's arms are on Spock's chest and caressing Spock's neck. Holy body contact Batman!

6. Spock whispers Kirk's name throatily like he's overcome with emotion. Possibly because the love of his life is pressing against him and is talking about how alone he feels when Spock knows that can't be true when he's right there as always.

7. That isn't eyesex. It's eyes making love all through the night.

8. Kirk slowly drags his hands down Spock's arms.

9. You'd have to know Spock pretty well to glean this information (and I'm sure you are if you've seen Amok Time as much as I have), but when he says, "Correct Captain," he's so obviously trying to shake off equal bouts of lust and want in order to speak, just look at the way his jaw clenches with tension.

10. They leave the elevator and Kirk calls him 'my Vulcan friend.' Considering the episode it's in, I think that the writer wasn't firing on all cylinders, but it certainly feels delicious, like Kirk is coming down from whatever cloud nine he was on and is all, 'my Vulcan friend, just a friend, not a boyfriend just a boy who is also my friend and husba—honey bun! I'm starving!"

BONUS MATERIAL: Kirk is unable to talk sense into Scotty in the very next scene, thus making it clear that not anything or anyone can break through the little kids' powers. Also, Spock's little arm grab in the following scene when Kirk looks like he might go apeshit again. Love how he just grabs this time without even asking if Kirk's all right, which is fucking unusual for Spock, iniating contact. I think Spock REALLY ENJOYED that body contact.

ETA: idvo pointed out that Kirk reaches out to Spock when Spock first walks up to him, so I watched closely and by god, that is an understatement. I mean, we know that Kirk just got whammied, so he's feeling alone and like he's losing command and control, and so it's not a stretch to say that he forgets himself and reaches out and his face—it's like he's forgotten where he's at and he just has a single-minded focus to touch Spock and when reminded of reality, he takes his hand back and covers it with the other like he's physically trying to stop his impulses. 
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Big Mama G
18 March 2011 @ 12:58 pm
DUDE, I totally forgot about my 5 year LJ anniversary! It was actually the 16th, but I suppose I shall celebrate it now. So, five years! Not much to say except that's a good chunk of time for online standards. Fandomwise, I find it amusing that I started livejournal in Smallville fandom and am now in Star Trek fandom, so apparently I at least have kept the common theme of gay alien love. I am pleased and have feel that the circle of life is ever rotating.

Some of you I've had friended since the beginning, and for that I say thanks for hanging in there because damn, we survived a lot of stuff and I was nothing more than a lurker with small aspirations back then, so thank you for making the transition to active fandom life enjoyable and easy! Then there's everyone else I met along the way, and even those I defriended but am still on friendly terms with. And to my newest friends, here's to another five years of awesomeness!

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Big Mama G
Normally I would just say 'happy birthday' to an flister having a birthday as I'm not big on birthdays in general, but this is special because a) it's lama_mama and b) she has infected me with teenage dream space boyfriends. I'm pretty sure 95% of my flist has not seen this episode and maybe 1% actually know about the pairing, but ever since she started posting about it all the time on tumblr and drawing intriguing artwork and making fanmixes and such, I checked it out. Then I figured, why not make a fanvid since there's none out there to make whatever crap I managed to cobble together look bad in comparison, plus make this girl happy? Totally logical. I pretty much did this in the span of 24 hours, so it's a minute long and might be a little incoherent, but let me tell you, I figure it's pretty good for that time interval and for the fact that I had to scrape together enough out of that one episode to make a fanvid. Happy birthday lama_mama, you gqmf. Fandom would not be as fun without you. And I wouldn't have the foresight to use to the 'pairing descriptor + husbands' formula to make anything I ship instantly more appealing.

Download from megaupload (24mb)

I don't even know where else to post this, lol. Isn't there a general trek vid community out there? I apparently know nothing outside of Kirk/Spock. *hangs head in shame*
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Big Mama G
15 March 2011 @ 11:40 pm
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