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18 September 2012 @ 10:10 pm
*starts vacuuming layers of dust off journal*  
Yeah, I think it's time I made a ~happy~ post, or well, a bullet list of things that are on my mind right now.
  • Currenly my main fandom interest is The Avengers, and I made a whole post about my love of Thor/Loki. It is really ongoing and just keeps building. I have cried over them twice, which is huge because I only cry over a ship if its an otp. I'm fairly sure I'll make another post about them, because I wanna rec some things and talk about my feelings.
  • I'm not excited about season 8 of Supernatural. I mean, I'll watch because fuck it, I've watched 7 seasons and I'm there until the end at this point. I mean, it looks all right, but that's all the show is now, just 'meh'.
  • I got a cat! Story: you may recall that I hate cats. Still do. But there was one cat I loved and named Alexander. We had him for just one day a month ago because my dad was given two cats in exchange for one of his puppies. Well, one of the cats was terrible, and we didn't want it. When we tried to give it back, the owner wanted both back, so I was broken-hearted for a long time. Then, the lady changed her mind, and now I have been reuinted with my Alexander. I now know why people like cats, though Alexander is the most chill cat you'll ever meet. Seriously, he just lounges around, it's great.
  • My niece is in kindergarten, so I get to spend a lot of time with just my nephew now. They both love the Avengers. In fact, my nerdiness has rubbed off on them severely. How many 5 or 3 year olds would sit through the Lord of the Rings trilogy? These two did, over the course of six days (we'd watch half a movie before bedtime.)
  • I will pee on everything J.J. Abrams loves if he doesn't give us some details about this fucking movie soon. Sorry, Star Trek into Darkness. The movie after that will probably be Star Trek Rises.
  • I'm really warm and cozy in the land of heatens. My family has taken my athiesm mostly well, even if my mom 'worries about me.' I like that about my family--they may not understand me or agree with me, but they do accept me. It took me a long time to recognize that distinction.
  • Teen Wolf, Stiles/Derek? ME GUSTA. I didn't think that would happen, given that I thought season one of that show was utter crap. It only got really good in season two and fucking fantastic in the latter half of season two. I can tell that (at least at this point) it's not going to be a huge obsession of mine, though. I'm already tired of reading fic and it's only been a couple of weeks. Still, considering how much evidence I need to back a ship, they've done well catching my interest.
  • Mitt Romney is a fucking joke. I've really kept up with politics, and I swear, October 3rd I am so watching that first debate with popcorn and booze. It's going to be hilarious, because Romney will undoubtedly fuck up an say some ignorant shit, and Obama will be his usual calm, cool, logical self.
Current Mood: pleasedpleased
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