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23 September 2011 @ 09:12 pm
Supernatural 7x1  

I. fucking. LOVED IT. Even with flaws.

-First of all, how awesome was Death? Seriously, this motherfucking king swaggercock deserves his own show.

-Damn, Dean really was pissed at Castiel and wanted him dead. I have seen a lot of Dean hate already and I'm sure it's going to get worse. I adored the fact that Sam was the one who reached out to Cas and wanted to help. We've seen Dean reaching a lot for faith for the last three seasons and it's nice to see Sam return to that role.

-Sam vs. hallucinations is heartbreaking plus amusing.

-That end was just harsh. I'm actually sad about Castiel dying, like really sad. I think it's the ending and how it looked like they were going to do a redemption storyline and then swept all that away. I mean, they know how attached a lot of fans are and to do the old switcheroo when they've been freaking out and terrified for months? The only way I see that being forgiven is if the leviathann lied and Castiel is still alive and will be brought back.

-Still, getting over my sadness a little, there's plenty of broken!Sammy to focus on. The episode was just exciting and I'm just sorry it wrapped itself up so easily. I wished it had been spanned two episodes.
(Deleted comment)
Big Mama G: acknowledge your painbigmamag on September 24th, 2011 05:09 am (UTC)
I think it was true to character too. I mean, Dean has evolved over the years and considering the past six seasons, yeah, I believe it totally. Sam was wonderful. I like that it was him that reached out to Cas, because last season it was Dean trying to reach out to Cas when Sam and Bobby were doubting him. Never get tired of that dynamic of one brother picking up where the other falls behind.

I would hope he's not dead, because damn is that shitty. I mean, I've been expecting his death for a while, but that even hurt MY feelings and I was completely chill about it up until it happened. I really hope they're trolling fandom because now I miss Castiel and no one ever said he was going away, just that we'd see less of him.

Oh but man, I really want to see Jimmy again. If Castiel IS dead and the Leviathan leaves in some way, I want to see Jimmy get a little peace.
Ryolittlepunkryo on September 24th, 2011 04:48 am (UTC)
God Sam being the one to reach out and forgive so damn SAM that it hurts. Of course he'd forgive, because he always does. I loved so much Dean being his protective big brother angry self. You don't fuck with his Sammy and expect him to be nice to you.
Big Mama G: spn puppybigmamag on September 24th, 2011 05:13 am (UTC)
Man, it makes me realize how much I hated souless!Sam. He's been himself for a while, but I think this is the first time my heart melted and all I could see was first season skinny Sam with his emo hair all feeling everything and believing in everything, the Sam who prayed. It's almost like they've truly come full circle because yeah, I'm seeing a lot of how Dean used to be and I LIKE it.